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What is Carbon Foot Print

Carbon FootprintCarbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere because of the electricity and fuel one uses. It’s measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Your carbon footprint mostly depends on:

  • how much energy you use to heat your home
  • the electronics and appliancesyou use
  • what kind of transportyou use day-to-day
  • how often you


Why do we use carbon footprints?

Knowing your carbon footprint helps you understand your impact on the environment – and, more importantly, find easy ways to reduce that impact.

In 2011 the UK produced 456 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Some of this is produced by business and industry – but around 27% comes directly from household energy use. Energy use in the home accounts for around 4.5 tonnes per household, and that’s not even including emissions from transport usage,

By making UK households more energy efficient and by reducing our transport energy consumption we can make big reductions in the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.