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Association’s Estate Caretakers clean graffiti

On Friday 23 February there was graffiti sprayed on the Association’s community centre / office, the shutters of the chemist, the bus shelter and the wall of a resident’s home on Skirsa Street.  The graffiti stated, ‘Lorna S is a Grass’

The Association’s Customer Services Team Leader, Julie Kelly stated, ‘We were alarmed to see the graffiti on Monday morning and took immediate action, where our estate caretakers immediately attended to its removal through cleaning and painting works.    This graffiti is unsightly and unnecessary and the remedial work to remove the graffiti took our estate caretakers away from their core tasks in the upkeep and maintenance of Cadder’.

John McShane, Customer Services Manager said, ‘We have reported the graffiti to Police Scotland and we will be assessing our CCTV systems and working with the Police to identify the persons responsible for this graffiti and take the appropriate action against them.  We would ask anyone with information on who was responsible for this graffiti to contact the Association’s office or Police Scotland’.



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