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Cadder Housing Association

Cadder Customer Services Working Group



The Cadder Customer Services Working group was established as part of the requirements by the Scottish Housing Regulator to scrutinise the work and services of the Association.

  • “It is vitally important that tenants are involved in the scrutiny of landlords’ performance. A landlord should understand its tenants’ priorities and needs, involve them in setting priorities, objectives and standards and inform them about its performance against these.  Importantly, tenants should be able to hold their landlord to account by having the right information”. (Scottish Housing Regulator)


The Association is currently looking for customers to join the group and meet up to 4 times a year to look at the various service areas within the Association and to scrutinise the performance in the chosen areas.  Each meeting looks at a different area.

If you would be interested in joining the Customer Services Working Group, please contact Sandra McPhee, Corporate Services Officer on 0141 945 6708 or John McShane, Customer Services Manager on 0141 945 6702 for further information.