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Cadder Housing Association Welcomes Results of Independent Governance Review

Cadder Housing Association is delighted with the results of a comprehensive independent assessment of their compliance against the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management.

The Association’s Chair, Linda Brown said, “We appointed Indigo House Group in January to undertake the comprehensive review to ensure that we were aware of our areas of strong compliance and where improvement was required.  Cadder Housing Association prides itself on delivering high quality homes and services for our customers and we wanted to ensure that our governance was also of a high standard. Our Management Committee and staff have been fully and positively engaged in the Review and welcomed this opportunity to assess our strengths and areas for improvement.  It has been a very enlightening and positive experience and the Management Committee are assured we have a very good level of compliance in meeting the regulatory standards

Director, Kenny Mollins said “We are undertaking a full review of our business plan next year and our Management Committee considered that this was the right time to establish our baseline position for compliance with the regulatory standards.  Cadder Housing Association has undertaken and been commended for its self-assessment on key business areas for several years, although we felt an independent review would allow the Association to identify good practice when compared with other RSLs and focus on key areas for improvement. The Association has already made a start on attending to the recommendations from the independent review by the Indigo House Group to improve our governance arrangements.”

Karen Anderson, Director of Indigo House Group advised that Cadder Housing Association had scored highly in the independent assessment with compliance against all regulatory standards, specifically 75% of the standards being rated as good or strong.  She said “Several areas of good practice were identified, including within standard 6, where Management Committee clearly demonstrated it has the skills and knowledge needed to be effective. The assessment evidenced that Cadder Housing Association has an excellent process for Committee succession planning and appraisal. The Management Committee was given refresher training on the regulatory standards prior to commencing an onsite assessment and it was clear that Cadder invests considerable efforts in striving to ensure effective governance.”

The Association will continue to work through a prioritised action plan to further strengthen our governance arrangements and compliance with the regulatory standards, with the Management Committee reviewing progress quarterly.