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Elected Members visit Cadder to assess Traffic Management Issues

Bob Doris MSP and local Councillor, Bailie McLaren visited Cadder to attend a walkabout with the Association’s Director Kenny Mollins and Jamie Rodden of the Council’s Land & Environmental Services Department to assess the Traffic Management issues in Cadder.

During the walkabout they visited parts of the area where residents have raised concerns about traffic management and parking arrangements in the area, specifically, Tresta Road, Skirsa Street and Scapa Street.

Kenny Mollins said, “It was a very productive walkabout and it is good to have the support of the locally elected members, where Bob Doris MSP and Bailie McLaren made time to see first-hand the traffic management issues in Cadder.  The Association is aware of residents’ concerns about traffic management and parking in the area, where in recent years it has been highlighted as serious issue through community consultation and recently the Residents Satisfaction Survey.  We are developing our vision to continue the regeneration of Cadder and traffic management will be a key feature”.

Jamie Rodden said, “Land and Environmental Services are supportive of the Housing Association’s vision for the area.  As a key partner the Department can help formulate a new traffic management strategy that will improve road safety and help ease congestion at key locations.  We are keen to work with stakeholders including the Community Council and Cadder Primary Parent Council to help inform that strategy and increase the opportunity for active and safe travel within the area.”

Bailie McLaren said, “The traffic flow in Cadder had been brought to my attention by local residents and the local Community Council on a number of occasions.   They are increasingly concerned by the volume of traffic in the area including parked cars on the pavements.  It was a very good meeting and there were a number of issues discussed during our walkabout. It was very helpful listening to the ideas on how to improve the current situation. It was a very positive meeting   I was also very struck by Cadder HA and their vision for the area going forward. Plans will include local residents being at the heart of the decision making process.  I will continue to offer my support for the regeneration of Cadder

Bob Doris MSP who organised the walkabout with the Association and Land & Environmental Services said, ‘Local residents are becoming increasingly concerned over traffic flow, safety and parking issues in Cadder. It was helpful to discuss these challenges during the walk about and to consider what could be done to improve the situation. Clearly there’s no silver bullet to fix matters and anything that may be considered must have significant community consultation. I welcome that Cadder HA are going to include consideration of these matters as part of their ‘Cadder Vision’ work to try and further regenerate the local area and I will continue to offer my support’.