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Cadder Housing Association

Ruby forever in our thoughts!

The Association was saddened by the recent passing of Ruby Hunter who was a long standing and experienced member of the Management Committee. Ruby served on the Management Committee for 14 years and held the position of Chairperson between 2006-2009, although throughout her tenure held responsible and senior positions as Chairperson of the Audit & Staffing Sub-Committees and office bearers’ roles as Secretary and Vice-Chairperson of the Association.

Ruby was dedicated to the role of Committee Member and displayed her desire to serve the Cadder community through her work on the Management Committee. Ruby was committed to leading the Association towards continuous improvement in our services; improving our tenants’ homes, and the regeneration of the community.

Ruby had a passion to learn and develop her knowledge and skills to ensure she could excel in the role as a Committee member and positively contribute towards key decisions to improve the quality of lives and living conditions of Cadder’s people, as well as strengthen the business to ensure lasting success in its work. Her passion for learning is reflected in the training arrangements for Committee and staff, where under her stewardship she initiated and played a major role in the Committee’s annual training programme including co-ordinating its mini-conference, also initiating further education sponsorship for staff to develop their skills and knowledge to excel in their role and continuously improve our service to our tenants and other customers.

Linda Brown, Chairperson said, “It is a very sad time for the Association with Ruby’s passing where she was a valued member of the Management Committee and had close working relationships with many members of the Committee and staff team. Ruby was ahead of her time where she would constructively challenge fellow Committee members and staff to ensure decisions were properly thought through, thereby ensuring good governance of the Association and good outcomes for our tenants and other customers. Ruby’s commitment to the role and constructive challenge has set the bar for current and future members of the Management Committee in their leadership and management of the Association”.