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Cadder Housing Association

Tresta Road New Build Housing Development – Frequently Asked Questions

The Association has prepared this frequently asked questions to provide information to applicants on the new build housing development.

How many properties are being built?

There are 50 properties being built on the Tresta Road




What size and type of properties are being built?

The size and type of properties being built on the development are as listed:

Size Type Number of Properties
Two apartment (One bedroom) Flat – Ground Floor 6
Two apartment (One bedroom) Flat – Upper Floor 12
Three apartment (Two bedrooms) Flat – Ground Floor 2
Three apartment (Two bedrooms) Flat – Upper Floor 9
Three apartment (Two bedroom) House 1
Four apartment (Three bedroom) House 9
Five apartment (Four bedroom) House 6
Two apartment (one bedroom) Flat –Wheelchair User 3
Three apartment (two bedroom) House – Wheelchair User 2


How many properties will be suitable for disabled people?

There are 5 properties for wheelchair disabled people, although all properties have been designed to barrier free standard, therefore can accommodate people with varying disabilities.

When is the development scheduled for completion?

The development is scheduled for completion in February 2019.  The contractor will commence a phased handover of the properties from  September 2018, which is as listed:

  • Terraced houses on Tresta Road (14)- September 2018;
  • Semi-Detached bungalows (2) –     October 2018
  • Semi-detached houses (2) –     December 2018
  • Flats (12) –     December / January 2019
  • Flats (20) –     January / February 2019


How will these properties be allocated?

The Association will allocate these properties from our housing list, where we are obliged to provide a proportion of lets to each category of applicant, which includes:

  • Tenants wishing to transfer home;
  • Homeless persons; and
  • Persons on the general waiting category (Not a tenant of the Association).

The Association’s Management Committee will decide on the number of properties to allocate to each category of applicant in June 2018.

When will applicants know if they have been selected for a new property?

The Association will commence the selection of applicants for new build properties in August 2018 based on the phased handover of properties.  We will then issue an offer letter to inform successful applicants of the details of the properties, specifically the size and type of property, rent, etc.

We will write to all unsuccessful applicants to inform them they have not been successful in securing a new build property.

Can my queue position change?

The Association operates a points system based on applicant’s circumstances against the housing need criteria in our Allocations Policy.  Applicants can receive points for overcrowding, under occupation, lacking and sharing amenities, etc.

The queues are constantly changing as applicants are successful in securing accommodation and are then removed from the queue or there are new or existing applicants with higher points levels due to their housing need or changing circumstances, respectively.

The Association’s prides itself in having a fair and consistent allocations process, where we meet our statutory obligations to give reasonable preference to people in certain circumstances, as well as ensure a good balance of lets from applicants from various access routes into housing.

Will there be other opportunities of housing if I’m not successful in securing an offer of a new build housing?

Yes, the Association has a reasonable turnover of properties each year where we re-let about 40 properties each year.  A portion of the new build properties will be allocated to existing tenants and we will re-let these to applicants from our housing list.