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Cadder Housing Association


Rent, Management Fee & Service Charges Review – 2020/21


Like everyone else, the Association has rising costs and every year we have to set a budget for the coming financial year which sets out what the Association will have to spend to ensure the continued provision of quality management, factoring and maintenance services.

We then have to make sure that we will have the income to cover all of this expenditure. This involves looking at rent levels, service charges and management fee amounts and considering if they need to be increased and if so, by how much, taking into account:

How much income we need to generate

    • Keeping our rents affordable
    • Keeping our service charge amounts at required levels
    • Keeping our management fee amount at required levels
    • The Association’s commitment to provide high quality, affordable housing and services


Every tenant and owner occupier is invited to participate in a consultation exercise on the proposed increase levels for the coming financial year (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021). We will consult with every tenant and owner occupier to seek views on the proposed increases. The consultation will be complemented by focus group sessions being held at Cadder Community Centre as shown below:

Tenants (Rent)

 Tuesday, 7 January – 10am

Thursday, 9 January – 3pm

Owners (Management Fee & Service Charges)

 Tuesday, 7 January – 11am

Thursday, 9 January – 2pm

John McShane, Customer Services Manager said: ‘It is important that the Association hears the views from tenants and owners on such important matters and I would encourage residents to take the time to submit the short questionnaire’