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Cadder Housing Association

Customer Care Standards

The following standards will be followed by staff and its contractors to provide first rate services to our customers.

At all times we will:

  • Be polite and helpful.
  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Respond to enquiries within set timescales.
  • Listen to customers and encourage views on our services.
  • Provide information in accessible ways and plain formats.
  • Be honest and tell customers when we have got things wrong and try to make things right.
  • Provide information throughout the year to our residents, so that they are aware and informed on our activities and performance. We will do so by publishing this information in our newsletter; leaflets; website; annual report; annual report on the charter.


Telephone Calls 

  • We will answer calls quickly and aim to answer within six rings.
  • Identify ourselves to the person calling.
  • Arrange for the staff member you wish to speak to, to phone you back by the next working day at the latest. If that staff member is unavailable and the matter is urgent, another staff member will take attend to the issue.
  • We will ensure that our answering machine provides details of our out of hours emergency repairs services.
  • We will provide translation services if required.


Written Communications

  • We will issue our written communications in a clear and easy to understand format. We will avoid using jargon and explain any technical terms that are required to be used.
  • We will advise customers of any delays against our target timescales for response and advise of the reason for this and the expected timescale.
  • All of our correspondence will contain the staff member’s name, position and direct phone number.
  • We will issue correspondence in alternative formats when required.
  • We will date stamp and record all correspondence received.
  • All new tenants and owners will be provided with relevant information and documents (tenancy agreement; written statement of services; handbooks; complaints policy, information leaflets, etc.).


Visiting the Association    

  • We will provide comfortable facilities to visiting customers.
  • We will provide accessible facilities to visiting customers.
  • We will welcome you and quickly establish the reason for your visit and who you wish / need to speak to.
  • We will provide a private room for discussions with staff.
  • We will provide customers with an approximate waiting time for the staff member who will be dealing with the enquiry.
  • We will display useful information for our residents and other customers in our reception area.
  • Staff will introduce themselves to visiting customers and have their name badge on display.
  • We will provide translation services if required.


Home Visits

  • Where required / requested, we will arrange to visit residents at their home during office hours.
  • When staff are carrying out home visits, they will have respect to being in a customer’s home.
  • Staff will introduce themselves to customers, explain the reason for their visit and show their identification card.
  • Where access to a home visit is not obtained, the visiting staff member will leave a calling card with his/her name and contact details and reason for the visit. We will not record any sensitive information on calling cards.
  • We will provide translation services if required.



The Association records all received complaints. Complaints can be made verbally or in writing.

Where possible, we will try to resolve complaints at the time when initial    contact is made by the customer. When this is not possible we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your letter within 3 working days of receiving it and advise you who is dealing with your complaint
  • Reply to your complaint within 5 days, except where detailed investigation of your complaint is required, we will respond to you within 20 working days
  • Tell you how to take the complaint further if you are not satisfied; and
  • Monitor complaints to help us learn from them and improve our services


If we get it wrong we will:

  • Apologise
  • Make every effort to put matters right
  • Amend our policy / procedures if necessary


Customer Feedback

We will consult with customers on issues that affect them as detailed in our Resident Participation Strategy. When we consult or ask for feedback we will make sure that:

  • We will provide all the information customers need to allow them to make an informed response.
  • Widely publicise the issues being consulted on.
  • Advise of the various ways that comments can be made, making it as convenient as possible.
  • Acknowledge and thank respondents.
  • Inform our Management Committee of the responses and where possible, use the feedback to improve our services and influence our policies.
  • Inform residents and other customers of outcomes.


Our customer service standards are augmented by the Association’s Staff Code of Conduct, which states that:

  • Staff must maintain high standards of professionalism, fairness and courtesy in all your dealings with tenants and other service users;
  • Staff must fulfil their duties responsibly, exercising reasonable skill and care and acting at all times in our best interests and that of our tenants and other customers;
  • As a service organisation, we always aim to put the needs of our tenants and customers first, and we expect all of our staff to do the same in their day to day work, within the framework of our policies and procedures;
  • Staff must maintain high standards of professionalism, fairness and courtesy in all your dealings with tenants and other service users; and
  • Staff must always conduct them self in a courteous and professional manner